Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

History of the company

History of the largest Ukrainian pet company Suzirya. How it began, its existence, development and achievements during the years of its activity.

How it began?

The company was established in 1993 by Serhiy Potapov and Tatyana Potapova. From the very beginning the company was aiming to make goods for pets more accostable, range of pet products more diversified, care for pets easier and more comfortable both for owners and pets. Suzirya Company Group began its work with pet retail point and first shop was located in the central citys cinema and was named U Kisa (At Cat's).

The first own trade mark

There was a rapid growth of import and wholesale trade in 1994 in Ukraine. But in 1997 company launched its own trade mark Priroda (Nature) which at the moment is the largest Ukrainian manufacture of goods for pets. The products by TM Priroda actively rushed into market and are expanding, renewing and improving its assortment every year. In 2005 TM Priroda was awarded with Diploma Quality of the third millennium (International Academic Rating Golden Fortune) and in 2009 marked with certificate Expert of the year. From 2007 TM Priroda exports its products to Byelorussia, Moldova and Azerbaijan.

The largest distributor

In addition to its production, Suzirya distributes and makes direct deliveries of such world famous brands as Tetra, Gimborn, Vitacraft, Trixie, Juwel, Hagen, Brit, AquaEl, 8in1, Canina, etc.

Being professionals and experts of pets and everything that may them concern in 1999 Suzirya Company Group broadcasts its first TV show Dlja malenkoj kompanii (For small company) where have possibility to share with own experience and novelties of pet care and maintenance. Guru of this project became Polina Kosharna, daughter of Tatyana Potapova and Serhiy Potapov.


Gaining experience in the sphere of retailing in 2004 company Suzirya directed by Polina Kosharna launched own retail chain of pet markets MasterZoo. Today it is the largest national retail chain of pet shops (more than 80!) in Ukraine. MasterZoo means not only wide range of pet products but also, specialist advices, selling exhibitions, competition and defile of pets.

Being the largest distributor of pet products in Ukraine Suzirya Company Group is able to provide pet shops with product range of any complexity from economy to super-premium class. Marketing department and brand managers regularly held educational seminars, realize advertising support, organize trips on European manufacturing plants. Profitable advantage is free weekly goods delivery all over Ukraine.

Suzirya Company Group today:

  • it is distribution of global brands, own production and huge experience in retailing;
  • more than 900 employees;
  • more than 1500 sq.m. of administrative office space;
  • more than 10 000 sq.m. of warehouse space;
  • more than 10 500 sq.m. of production capacity;
  • more than 15 000 names of goods;
  • daily goods delivery to more than 2000 pet shops and outlets;
  • team of professionals with regional responsibilities and regional teams in the biggest cities of Ukraine;
  • annual budget for market growth;
  • support programs for our clients;
  • national TV program about pet care and maintenance;