Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.

Suzirya Company Group is always at the center of events in the sphere of the pet industry, especially if this event is of such a huge scale as the AquaTerra Show.

On the Internet there are more and more reviews of successful startups who are considering the sale of pet food.
What is their main message? What you need to consider? What does not lie on the surface? All that a novice entrepreneur should know.

Today category management is a proven tool that allows to effectively manage the assortment and sales in the store. We offer you to introduce its basic principles and in the sale of pet products.

The presence of exotic animals on the stands - a fashion or indicator and a real decoration of any pet store of good level? Correct approach to the content of the rack with exotic items in your pet store.

Why do we put small rodents on the lower tier of cells in the pet store? Secrets of the correct appearance of cells for small and large rodents.

How to determine if the exhibition of birds in the pet shop is well organized? Do we need to put toys in cages with birds? These and other important questions on the successful sale of various types of birds you will learn in this article.

This article is not only a guide for creating a beautiful and correct atmosphere in a pet store, but also a visual instruction to the "successful" arrangement of various aquarium products in order to advantageously provide your goods on the shelves.

Availability of animals in the shop is its visiting card and one of important key factors of shop’s level. As any other product group animals should be presented properly and have optimal wide range.

The following information is relevant for consideration of premium or high medium class pet shop’s formation. For providing such level of pet shop some requirements should be kept.