Aim of our company is offering a wide product range and qualitative services on high level.
ТМ Hagen - concern manufacture of broad-spectrum pet articles. Includes range of brands.

ТМ Tetra - products and food for aquarial and pond inhabitants

ТM Brit Care – super premium hypoallergic food for dogs and cats.

ТМ Priroda - articles for pets of our own production.

ТМ PetFashion  - widest breadth of cloth for cats and dogs, foot wear, accessories, carryi...

TM Birt Premium - premium food for dogs and cats containing a great amount of meat.

ТМ Trixie –  innovative products and modern technologies in pet articles segment.

ТМ 8in1 - the first big company in USA specialized on pet article production.

TM Carnilove - grain-free holistic food for cats and dogs most closely to diet of wild animals.

TM Aquael - full range of articles for starting and professional service of aquariums and ornamental...

TM GimCat, TM GimDog - wet food, delicacies, functional product for nutrition of cats and dogs.

TM Profine - super premium food for dogs and cats containing a low amount of grains.

TМ Canina - german manufacture of feed additives and care products for cats, dogs, birds, rodents an...

ТМ FURminator - wide range of instruments against pet shedding.

ТМ Vitakraft - company which produce food for domestic fowl.

ТМ TROPICAL - foods for fish and reptiles, care products for water.

TM Edel - wet food for cats and dogs from the leading German manufacturer.

ТМ Flexi - global leader in manufacturing of tape-measures.

ТМ JRS – manufacture of organic fillers for litter-boxes of CAT'S BEST type and beddings for pet...

ТМ HUNTER – manufacturing of high quality accessories for dogs, cats and horses.

TM PETINN - cages for birds and rodents, plastic carriers, bowls and toilets.

ТМ FOP (HappyPet) - one of the largest Italian producers of pets supplies.

TM Aqua Medic - equipment and articles for aquaria industry.

TM COMFY - toys, carrying bags, bed stone for cats and dogs.

ТМ Ferplast  - trusted market leader in producing of pets supplies during more than 40 yea...

ТМ Juwel - № 1 in Europe among companies producing and distributing aquariums.